A list of some projects that I’ve completed, some I’m working on, and a few ideas that have yet to come to fruition. This page is as much for sharing my projects with others as it is a workspace for me to document what I’ve done and help plan what I have yet to do. So, as you browse through the various links below, keep in mind that they may be at differing levels of completeness/coherence.

Capacitive Mailbox Combination Lock

A mailbox which only opens when the correct sequence of letters is touched on its side. Installed as a puzzle challenge in an escape room, it exists in a fu...

Jedi Nightlight

An interactive 3D printed nighlight that reveals a hidden pattern when turned over.

Weather Reporting Shirt

A shirt that displays the current weather using a small screen, heat sensitive dye, and conductive thread.

Kinect Charades

A game of hidden charades in which the guesser must determine the unseen performer’s pose through wearable tactile feedback.

RFID Magic Wand

A magic wand with an RFID tag in the tip, used to interact with a series of devices in an IoT environment.

City Lights from Windmills

An interactive installation with a stylized city skyline that reacts to the wind, blending low and high tech.

Lego Music Box

A Lego Mindstorms music box with interchangable music discs.